New London, Part 1

Day 1: After a beeline through North Dakota, we arrived safely in my parents’ hometown, New London, Minnesota. Having spent a number of childhood summers in this area, a flood of memories returned to me as we drove into town: the smell of the lake, the gritty sand at the swimming beach, and checking for ticks in the evenings.

After introducing Taylor to my grandparents, aunt, cousin, and uncle, my dad took us on a walking tour around his “stompin’ grounds.” We ended the day with a frozen treat form DQ

Day 2: My grandparents are in the process of selling their old house out of town and moving into a new house in town. We were promptly put to work getting the old house fixed up to sell. My jobs included stripping wallpaper using vinegar, moving boxes in the basement, cleaning out underneath the kitchen stove, and fixing a patio railing that had accidentely been “remodeled” when my cousin stood on it. 🙂 Taylor helped out with the boxes in the basement, the railing, and also went to the dump a couple of times. He recounted this experience to me later on, focusing on the stench of the dump, which was apparently intensified by the presense of the Jenny-O Turkey farm across the street. Ew.

After the hard work, I took a trip to Willmar with my mother and grandmother. We picked out some sweet corn, the first of the year, and ran some other errands. We enjoyed the corn and enchilada lasagna together at the old home.

Day 3: After some last minute prep in the kitchen, the new stove and microwave arrived to be installed. Grandma and the girls went to Willmar to pick out new light fixtures, and Taylor and I went for a drive around Green Lake. Later we stopped at a coffee shop back in New London, where we are now. This afternoon, we’re going to pick up my cousin(s?) and take a hike in Sibley Park, where there is a nice day hike to the top of Mt. Tom. We will then continue our trip out to Games Lake, where I spent many hours as a child swimming at the beach.

Philosophical thought of the week comes from my Grandpa Don:

Dad: Are you contemplating Nature?

Grandpa Don, sitting outside looking at the trees and the fields of grass: *long pause* ……..I think it’s here to stay.


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One Response to “New London, Part 1”

  1. sarah austad Says:

    We are jealous that you already had sweetcorn. We’re a long way from it here. Sounds like you’re having fun. Can’t wait to see you on Tuesday!
    Mom and Dad

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