New London, Part 2

Yard work was the assignment of the day for Taylor and me last Friday. While Taylor used a gas powered trimmer around the trees and birdhouses in the yard, I ran back and forth over the yard with a push mower. There was going to be a house showing on Sunday, so we were cleaning up and clearing out. That evening we went to the famous Little Crow Ski Team show.

On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary. We visited with family friends at coffee hour before church started and then spent the afternoon with my Uncle Bruce at his lakeside home. Dad took advantage of my uncle’s living room space to show everyone his documentary. In the cool afternoon, a group of us went to hike up Mt. Tom in Sibley State Park. The trail turned out to be not in use halfway through, so we had to hike back out the way we had started. We ended up driving to the paved trail and enjoyed the view from the top.

There was supposed to be another house showing on Monday, so we all pitched in again, sweeping the front porch and Windexing the outside windows. In the end they canceled, which was very dissappointing, but after a nice brunch on the town, everyone was feeling better.

Taylor and I head out to Wisconsin tomorrow, stopping for lunch in Stillwater, MN, with my great aunt.

little crow


bluebird eggs


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