Back in da U.P, eh?

Whew, what a day.

My parents took Julie and me on a road trip through my dad’s old stomping grounds in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Along the way we stopped at the Swedish Pantry, a fantastic restaurant in the town of Escanaba.  As you might except, they serve many of the traditional Scandinavian dishes of the region including Swedish pancakes, meatballs, and potato sausage.



But I’ve written enough about food here lately.  We also met up with two of my dad’s best friends.  One of the friends recently finished building a log cabin from scratch.  It’s amazing.

From there we paid a visit to my dad’s childhood home in Rapid River.  Memories from past summer vacations came flooding back.  Catching fireflies, throwing the football with my brother over the roof of the house, afternoon runs to the park, desserts at Dairy Flo, visiting in the living room, drinking Minute Maid fruit punch while watching Thundercats and cheering during the summer Olympics, among others.

Next we went to Big Spring, a natural spring located in a state park east of Rapid River.  Wow.  Definitely one of the most amazing natural spectacles I have ever seen and I grew up here.  I’ll try my best to describe it.

Basically rain and snowmelt from higher elevations seep into the earth and flow downward towards the area.  Cracks in the dolomite bedrock allow the water to escape back to the surface at a rate of 10,000 gallons per minute.  The water is so clear that you can see through straight to the bottom (about 45 feet).  A raft with a pulley system takes you across the surface and allows you to peer down at the turquoise, translucent water and the vents and lake trout that lay underneath.

Those logs are completely submerged.

Those logs are completely submerged.

Then we drove back and celebrated my dad’s birthday.


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