Leavin’ on a JET plane…

We’re at PDX awaiting departure for Tokyo.  The 10.5 hour flight will give me ample time to say “Watashi no namae wa Taylor desu” over and over and over again.

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but it will probably be a few weeks until we have a consistent internet connection.  The posts during this time will be probably be short and sporadic.  We’ll begin regularly updating the site in mid-August.


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One Response to “Leavin’ on a JET plane…”

  1. Mom in AK Says:

    We’re excited for you! We’ll be anxious to hear your first impressions of Noheji and surrounding countryside. I know that won’t be for several days, but we’ll be thinking of you both daily, as you begin this new adventure. Love from Mom and Dad in AK.

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