More Photos, Please

Wondering where all the photos are?  Click here for more:



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2 Responses to “More Photos, Please”

  1. violetismycolor Says:

    Hi, I’m the Portland mom whose daughter, Bonnie, is also a new JET. So glad to see your pictures because Bonnie has yet to post any, due to the fact that she just got her internet in her apartment. She is in Shiga prefecture, in a town called Kutsuki. She loves it so far. She has made some good friends in the other Shiga JETs and she keeps very busy. She does need to buy a car, since her village is pretty isolated and the train/bus schedules to get to Kyoto are such that she has to spend the night with another JET if she goes to do any socializing. She can’t get home until the next day.

    Anyway, I will alert her to your blog and urge her to set her own blog up!

    Glad you’re having such a great experience.

  2. sarah austad Says:

    It was good to hear from you. We loved the pictures! I am impressed with your apartment. I can’t believe how spacious it is. It is so lovely….and simple. Did you buy the bikes? They remind me of our bikes…Dad’s and mine. The view from your driveway reminds me of looking out our windows in Valdez. How about you? What is the time difference between Noheji and Marinette? How’s the weather? It looks gorgeous in the photos. I’m also wondering about the car you were going to buy from the previous JET. Did that pan out? All okay here. The weather couldn’t be better. It’s in the mid-seventies and sunny. Dad says, “Nice digs!” Love you both. Mom

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