Nebuta Festival

On August 7th, Julie and I took a train to Aomori City in the evening to witness one of the most popular festivals in Northern Japan:  the Nebuta Festival.

What happens at the Nebuta Festival?  Essentially large lanterns representing various characters and mythical creatures are constructed into parade floats.  These floats, once illuminated, are then carried around town by people in costumes who chant the traditional songs of the festival.  On the last day the floats are sent off to sea as fireworks explode in the sky above.

We went on the last day and enjoyed taking photos as we ate yakisoba (fried soba noodles), takoyaki (fried balls of octopus tentacles), and yakitori (bbq chicken on a scewer).  For dessert we had candied strawberries.  However, we couldn’t see the floats in the water.  By the time we got there it was too crowded.

Pictures below.

There are many festivals in Aomori during the summer.  Noheji will have its own firework festival in about a week.

Julie took this photo.  I think it's brilliant.

Julie took this photo. I think it's brilliant.


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2 Responses to “Nebuta Festival”

  1. Mom in AK Says:

    Great to keep up with you two by means of the photos and blog entries. Almost feels like we’ve been to your very nice apartment. The pictures make me want to empty out our house and only put a few things back in to live with.

    Were bikes in your original plan? Do you still have access to a car to purchase? The festivals and foods look wonderful! Love from Mom

  2. Aomori Nebuta « Pacificloons Says:

    […] year Julie and I arrived in Aomori in time for the last day of Nebuta.  We wrote about here.  This year, we were actually able to participate.  Our friend Britni, visiting us from the […]

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