Tofuyaura Beach

Today Julie and I took a rejuvenating jaunt on our bikes down to Tofuyaura Beach on the southern end of Mutsu Bay. We heard it was a popular spot, but I remained skeptical about the temperature of the water. We were blown away. Although Noheji receives enough snow during the winter to maintain a ski resort, the water at Tofuyaura Beach feels like swimming pool water. It was cloudy and cool on our visit but had we decided to take a dip I’m sure we still would have felt refreshed.

Today will be the first of many trips we’ll take to Tofuyaura Beach.

Pictures below. Look for the complete set on our Flickr page sometime during the first week of September (we’re over out limit for August).


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One Response to “Tofuyaura Beach”

  1. sarah austad Says:

    Enjoyed your latest blog entries. I am not adventurous enough to eat horse. The festivals look beautiful and fun! I once had a bike with one of those generator lights. It worked really well. You’ll have to send a picture of your new car as well. I like your “dollar store” shirt! The Sumo tournament looked interesting to say the least. I wonder if they consume as many calories as Michael Phelps????

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