A few days ago I gave my introduction speech during an assembly in my high school’s gymnasium.  There were no chairs or bleachers.  Students stood in single file rows, alternating boy-girl-boy-girl, arranged by grade level.  Every student wore a uniform that matched down to the socks and shoes.

Everyone stood for the duration of the assembly (about 30 minutes), including teachers.

It was an interesting contrast to assemblies in the United States.  In my experience in Oregon, students are asked to sit in the section that corresponds to their grade but may sit freely with friends.  Talking and texting were problems but usually the goal of the assembly is to generate a rowdy enthusiasm in the crowd, and in this sense, they were largely successful.  The purpose of last week’s assembly was also achieved.  Students were given important information and introduced to a new teacher in an environment with zero distractions.

I’m not sure how common these assemblies are.  I’ll be sure to make another post when I find out more information.

I hope this goes without saying, but in these posts where I compare education systems I do not necessarily think that one way is better than the other.  As I mentioned, assemblies in Japan and the United States seem to serve different purposes.  I only wish to point out the differences since, to me at least, they are interesting and a little surprising.


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