During the month of August Julie and I mostly watched the Olympics, which ran almost continuously on two of our five channels.  However we noticed a few trends on the other channels.

We have seen our fair share of quiz and game shows.  In the show pictured above, contestants try to name the kanji character within a specific time frame.

Shows like the one above are also abundant.  Notice the person in the red circle in the upper right hand corner.  She is a celebrity watching the footage (in this case a high school jazz band surprised at school by another celebrity) along with the audience.  Viewers at home watch the show but they also watch the celebrity react to watching the show.  It’s like a laughtrack with real people.  We’ve seen this device used on cooking, reality, local tourism, and variety shows.

The other day I saw it used on a half hour program devoted entirely to beetles.  It was not a nature documentary.  Instead beetles were forced to compete against each other in a series of challenges.  In one challenge, two different kinds of beetles were taped to a string on a stick.  As they flew around in circles, the TV crew calculated how far the beetles traveled up until the point the insects passed out from exhaustion.  All the while a celebrity in Japan watched from his red circle in the corner of the screen.

We’ve also seen a few wacky cartoons.

This bat-crab-fox-troubadour came on the screen one evening.  He is eventually sucked into the brain of mini-Baby Huey where he encounters elephants.

Other shows we’ve seen include primetime soap operas, news programs (mostly national unless Russia invades Georgia or Obama picks a vice-president), educational shows for small children, and, on Sundays, Shogi and Go matches.


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One Response to “Television”

  1. Alex Says:

    Interesting…Have you seen Captain Tenneal and Gui Le Deuche?? GO GET ELIMINATED!

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