Weekend Update

It seems like I wrote the last weekend update a few days ago.  Time is flying by in Aomori-ken!

Over the weekend Julie and I were able to get some practice driving our new ’95 Toyota Starlet.  Look for photos soon.

Friday evening was pretty low-key.  We spent most of our time accumulating groceries and a few other organizing amenities for our apartment.

I spent Saturday afternoon improving my sente at Go club but came home a little early so we could prepare for an ALT get-together in Shichinohe in the evening.  The Shichinohe event was basically a welcome party at a campground for ALTs in Aomori prefecture.  It was great reconnecting with folks we haven’t seen in a while.

On Sunday another ALT invited us over for tea and bandwidth.  We don’t have the Internet at home yet so we had music to download, family to Skype, and news to read.  It was great.

We returned to Noheji at around 9:00 in the evening with a new coffee table and bookshelf.

Now it’s back to work.

Look for the following posts this week:

  1. Vocabulary lesson number 1
  2. Basketball
  3. Toyota Starlet

Looking Ahead

Next weekend we will be taking a nine hour ferry to Hokkaido to visit some friends.  Look for an extensive post(s) as well as a full Flickr set in about a week and a half.  Also, next Friday Julie and I will be attending a Pillows concert that we will be sure to document with words and photos.



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