More Photos of Noheji


I was looking at our Flickr page yesterday and noticed we only had three photos of Noheji Town.  I decided this needed to change so I took a walk around town yesterday evening and now there are 75 new pictures of our town on the web.

The photos are a nice companion piece to an earlier post that offered a brief introduction to the town.

I will display three of the photos on the blog to give you a taste, but please click here to see the other 72.  While you’re at our Flickr page be sure to check out our other photo sets and don’t be afraid to leave comments.


These are the mirrors Julie talked about yesterday...

These are the mirrors Julie wrote about yesterday...

Update: Yes, we felt the earthquake this morning.  We are fine.


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3 Responses to “More Photos of Noheji”

  1. sarah austad Says:

    Haven’t read your blog in several days so enjoyed reading it this morning. I’m glad you’ve mastered driving. It sounds very complicated. Your Toyota looks great! You sound like you really like your teaching. You are so right about meeting the students where they’re at. Each class is different and you need to be flexible in your lessons to meet their needs. Have avoided jury duty so far this month. Have one more day scheduled and will call the night before to see if I need to report. Take care. Enjoy your adventure this weekend.

  2. Jamie Sensei Says:

    These are great. Very natsukashi for me.

  3. pacificloons Says:

    Awesome. Check out the flickr page to see more.

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