Salmon, Pumpkin, Miso, and Rice


My first attempt at miso soup, which was made without any research and a lot of guessing, was mediocre at best.  On my second try, I first spent an afternoon at the office hurriedly writing down recipes for miso soup and other Japanese food.

It turns out that the first step to good miso soup is a good dashi broth.  I was able to make my own dashi by boiling flakes of smoked tuna in a big pot, and then straining out the flakes, leaving a strong flavored liquid.  Yum.

I also made some sweet (as in awesome and sugary) Japanese pumpkin using sugar, soy sauce, a dash of salt, and more of that wonderful dashi broth.  Pumpkin is bottom, center.  We also had rice and salmon; two of our more regular dinner items.


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