Assemblies, continued


Tomorrow my entire school, students as well as staff, will climb Mount Eboshi.  In order to ensure safety and prevent chaos, an assembly was held this afternoon to relay information to students.  I wrote an earlier post about assemblies and thought I would write a quick post to contrast the two.

Today the students were divided into two groups.  The 2nd and 3rd graders (juniors and seniors respectively) went to the first gym and the 1st graders (sophomores) went to the second gym.  Just like the earlier assembly, the students were arranged in rows alternating boy-girl-boy-girl.  The upperclassmen were allowed to sit on the floor and the 1st graders carried chairs from their homeroom to the gym for sitting.

Although the setting was more informal than the last assembly, the information was still relayed to the students very directly.  One of the third grade teachers told the students about the procedures without the use of a microphone, PowerPoint presentation, or quirky role-playing skits.  Every once in a while the students would begin to chatter quietly but were quickly “shhhh!”ed not by the teachers but their own peers.

The assembly lasted twenty minutes and then the students were dismissed to their homeroom classes.  I went with my supervisor to her homeroom where we played a game of Hangtime (think Hangman but with a person dunking a basketball instead).  They enjoyed guessing the words and I enjoyed watching them guess the words.  One student tried hard, and failed, to tell another student a word using psychokinesis.  It was quite comical.

I will have a longer post on the hike up Mount Eboshi next week, including photos.


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