Weekend Update


It turns out that a successful venture to Hokkaido over a three-day weekend does wonders to build up confidence in one’s ability to explore other areas of Japan.  Our goal this weekend was to become more acquainted with the cities in our immediate vicinity:  Shimoda, Towada, Misawa, and Aomori City.  Each visit was met with success.  Thanks to Towada we now have a couch.  Thanks to Shimoda, we saw a terrible movie from the United States in English.  Thanks to Misawa…well…actually we just drove through Misawa, but at least we know where it is now.

Our trek to Aomori City was the most fruitful.  In addition to becoming more familiar with the city’s key locations, we also found time to meet some other ALTs for some delicious Indian curry.  We washed it down with some locally made gelato and made our way to Dreamtown, a newly constructed and well-known shopping district of Aomori City.

Most of our time at Dreamtown was spent at Don Quijote (Don key-ho-tay), a store that has just about anything you could ask for at cheap, reasonable prices.  Need exercise equipment?  They have it.  New suit?  Yes, and dirt cheap, too.  Alien head piggy bank?  Of course!

Aside from the abundant selection of cheap goods and the literary allusion in the store’s title, Don Quijote is also awesome because of the way they present the merchandise.  From the moment you enter the store your senses are bombarded with information.  As the photos below illustrate, items are stacked almost to the ceiling in narrow aisles.  While your vision is assaulted by a surreal, colorful mix of strange novelty items and ordinary, practical goods, at any given point in the store your ears will pick up at least three different J-pop songs blasting from various radios and CD players placed throughout the aisles.  After walking through the place, without even looking for something to buy, I feel as though I have just played a few hours of video games.

While we were out and about, a few other things caught our eye:

Look for pictures and a post of Mount Eboshi tomorrow!


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One Response to “Weekend Update”

  1. adventureben Says:

    Loving the pictures. You’re both really excellent at it. I kinda wish I could visit this Don Quixote place.
    Oh, and as an English major, I’m pretty sure it is pronounced “kwik-sət.” 🙂 (That is, if you’re loyal to the stubborn English.)

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