I went to another basketball club session this week.  Their self-discipline is unreal.  We spent a total of about twenty minutes in a defensive stance (crouched low, legs shoulder-width apart, heels off the ground) inching our way across the court.  This may not seem very earth shattering if you’re recalling your high school basketball practice, but keep in mind that they don’t have a coach.  The club is managed by the students themselves.  If I was their age and in charge of the club we would spend most of our time playing “bump,” shooting around, and scrimmaging.  These guys, and girls, mean business.  Although the club is small in numbers, their members are very dedicated.

I also learned that a tournament will be held in November in Aomori City.  I’m hoping I can attend and be one of the fans rooting for Noheji in the stands.


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