Looking for Leaves


This weekend we took a jaunt down south in the Starlet to look at a famous place for autumn leaves and trees:  Mount Hakkoda.  We didn’t actually scale the mountain.  Instead we more or less drove through the roads around the perimeter and eventually stepped out of the car near the site of an onsen to snap the photos below.  Enjoy the (embedded) slideshow by clicking here.


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2 Responses to “Looking for Leaves”

  1. sarah austad Says:

    Your fall pictures are pretty, but I think the colors in Wisconsin are a bit more beautiful. Annie and read the blog. We both love Julie’s goldfish. Tell her I have fortune sticks of my own. Mom gave them to me when I was in high school. When I moved to AK. I gave them to my friend Susie. She gave them back to me when we moved home. I’ll give them to Julie. They’re more fun than a barrel of monkeys!!! Have Dickens Club this afternoon. It was great talking to you this weekend. Love you both. Mom and Annie

  2. Julie Says:

    How do your fortune sticks work? Do they come with fortunes or just have numbers on them? – Julie

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