What we did over the weekend



This weekend one of Julie’s coworkers invited us over for lunch at his family’s house.  On Saturday morning we ventured to the outskirts of Misawa and enjoyed soba noodles with tempura, sushi, and fresh-baked bread with him and his wife.  They are wonderful people — smart, funny, incredibly nice, and fantastic cooks.  It was an honor to be invited and spend time in their company.

After lunch Julie practiced playing a classical Japanese composition with her coworker.  She played flute and he played guitar.  The piece is well known in Japan and can be heard regularly during New Years activities.  Their goal is to practice together a few more times before performing at the office New Years party in January.

Her coworker heard that I played guitar as well and requested that I bring my acoustic to his house.  I did as he requested and performed a few Bob Dylan numbers I had been working on for Halloween (more on this later).

After about another hour of great conversation, in English (his wife is a former high school English teacher), we took a quick trip to a mall in Shimoda to pick up some peanut butter and go bowling.


We spent most of Sunday at a Halloween party.  Again, one of the people Julie works with gave us the invitation.  This person teaches English privately to elementary and junior high school children in Noheji and helps Julie communicate with her teachers when she visits a particular elementary school in town.

The party turned out to be a Halloween-themed English recital for her students and their parents.  Costumes were encouraged and Julie and I decided to dress as Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, respectively.  This meant we had to perform a song and we chose “Blowin’ in the Wind.”

It’s a shame we forgot the camera.  Not only could you have seen our rendition of a great American folk classic, you also could have witnessed the great decorations and costumes the kids were wearing (including one girl missing her two front teeth and dressed as a vampire princess).  However, as I already mentioned, it was more than just a party.  The kids had prepared performances in English.  Some sang songs while others read from books or performed skits.

We also met another American at the party who works at a nearby military base.  He’s been in Japan for about 16 years and it has become home.  He is married and it turns out two of his kids are Julie’s students.

When the party was over, Julie’s coworker gave us a gift for helping with decorating and offering constructive feedback to student performances during the party.  Here’s what we got:

Hand towels folded into shapes resembling pastries.

Hand towels that resemble pastries!


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3 Responses to “What we did over the weekend”

  1. Ko-te-ni Says:

    Wow! I would love to hear Julie play!

  2. Hanna Says:

    Hey, I just saw some of these cute towels at Uwajimaya a few days ago! Julie- I used to play the flute but I bet you’re waaay better than me :o)

  3. Ryan Says:

    Classic – “pick up peanut butter and go bowling…”

    Good stuff… glad you guys could do that.

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