Halloween Lesson


During the last couple weeks of October and even into November, I had the privilege of teaching a Halloween lesson to many different classes of elementary school students.  Even though Halloween is a Western holiday, it has become very popular among the youth of Japan.   This is exaggerated in the area where I am teaching because of the influence of the nearby U.S. Air Base on the merchandise sold at local stores.   The nearby mall in Shimoda caters to its Western shoppers with an abundance of Halloween costumes and treats, which started taking over the shelves in mid-September.

The vocabulary list for the lesson included: Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat, candy, ghost, witch, monster, bat, black cat, spider, and jack o’ lantern.

The older students learned about All Saints Day and the harvest. I was able to prompt them to come up with Halloween costume ideas, saying:

“Some costumes are scary.” (Besides the vocabulary words, they came up with Dracula and Frankenstein)

“Some costumes are beautiful.” (kimono, princess)

“Some costumes are movie characters.” (Doraemon, about 15 anime characters that I didn’t recognize, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and The Little Mermaid)

“Some costumes are famous people.” (Michael Jackson, “Obama,” one sixth grader stated and then continued, “Yes we can!,” Beyonce)

A couple of times I was able to bring costume material for the little kids to use. I brought toilet paper and black and white trash bags. They had a blast!

Be afraid, be very afraid!


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3 Responses to “Halloween Lesson”

  1. sarah austad Says:

    Cute idea!

  2. sarah austad Says:

    I really liked your idea. It allows for lots of creativity.

  3. Ryan Says:

    “Yes We Can” – classic… hahaha!. Are they as politically correct as we try to be here in the US? What I mean is – did he put on brown makeup?

    I like the little boy in the front right looking like he choked to death. Pretty cool. Very good activity for them.

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