It’s a small world


I would like to welcome any new readers who are discovering Pacificloons for the first time.  Why?  My predecessor’s predecessor discovered our blog and posted an entry about us on his website.  On the day his post went up, our average daily traffic on this site tripled.  You have some loyal readers, J-sensei!

Anyway, this person worked and lived in Noheji for three years.  He undoubtedly sat at my current desk and may be the reason for all the Canadian paraphernalia still stashed in the drawers.

His blog ( is well worth a look.  It’s fun looking back at his previous posts from Noheji, but his recent posts are also interesting.  If you decide to poke around you will no doubt discover similar themes (mold battles, climbing Mount Eboshi, etc.).  Enjoy and thanks for finding us!


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One Response to “It’s a small world”

  1. Jamie Sensei Says:

    Thanks for keeping Noheji alive on the internets! I look forward to seeing how your Noheji experience compares to my own. I hope you come to love the place as much as I did. I’m sure there are lots of burried treasures you have yet to uncover, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you here. Word of advice though… if Michinoku Pro-Wrestling ever comes to town, be sure not to miss it (even if you couldn’t give a rats ass about wrestling). They put on an amazing show, and please tell The Great Sasuke that Jamie and Kate say hi, and thanks for Hello Kitty bag.

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