Conversation in the Hallway


me:   Hello.

male senior who eats pork ramen every day for lunch (honestly it’s a great choice) and participates in baseball club: Oh, hello….hello…..everyone! Hello everyone?

me:  Ha, no no…hello everyone means “hello minasan.

student:  Oh…hello…..hmmmm….

me:  How are you?

student:   Oh…it’s raining.

me:  *I point outside* No, raining is for the weather.

student:  No…*points to his heart*…my heart, it rains.

The student laughs and we say good bye as I continue walking towards the gym to play basketball.


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One Response to “Conversation in the Hallway”

  1. adventureben Says:

    So cute!
    I don’t care if he’s an 18-year-old man. That’s freakin’ adorable. And sad. 😦

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