Winterizing the Apartment

Say 'hello' to Toyo-chan.


It’s December in Northern Japan.  We live in a typical apartment which means no central heating.  How do we stay warm?  Well, the heater pictured above is a huge help.  It runs on kerosene fed through a series of pipes from a tank in the back of our complex.  It’s a little pricey, but it keeps our living area warm and cozy.  We seal off the other rooms of the house to keep the heat in.

A lot of the cold creeps in through our window panes so to help combat this we’ve put up some specially made bubble wrap on the glass to act as a layer of insulation.  A special felt lines the perimeter of the window to suck in moister from condensation.  In a few days we’ll be putting up a clear plastic seal over the rest of the frame to hopefully prevent a little more cold air from seeping through the cracks.

The downside to sealing up the windows is that moisture from within our apartment will have a harder time escaping.  This will become a bigger deal in January when we receive more precipitation.  Drying clothes inside also creates a moisture problem.  What’s our plan?  Basically double-duty on those moisture absorption packets we talked about in an earlier post.  We’ll also deploy our dehumidifier to other rooms of the apartment when necessary.  For the time being, however, it’s helping to dry our clothes in a closet.

Japanese clothes dryer.

One last thing we’ve installed in our apartment to fight off the cold is a little something to remind of us home.

Happy Holidays.



2 Responses to “Winterizing the Apartment”

  1. mom and dad a Says:

    We say Brrrr! We like your tree. Where did you get the pretty ornaments? It’s snowy and cold in Wisconsin. Say hi to Patrick. Love you both.

  2. Hanna Says:

    Hey guys! We got tons of snow here in Beaverton too (8″ maybe?). Have a Merry Christmas and stay warm and toasty!! Hanna

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