Well, just when we started to figure out the Tokyo subway system — payment, how to walk without disturbing the flow of commuters, how to shift your weight ever so slightly when approaching a train stop to avoid stumbling over other people, how to figure out your next move while continuing to walk and without stopping to pull out a map — we left at 6:23 AM (long story) for Kyoto.  Now we find ourselves starting from scratch trying to figure out the bus system, which seems to be the preferred way to travel.

Kyoto is amazing and we’ll have a few posts that go into more detail later.  Today we will be looking at many temples, parks, and castles which we will photograph and show to you sometime in the future.

Being in Kyoto is a dream come true, but I can’t help but miss Tokyo.  There were a few districts we visited that were exactly like the sprawling skyscraper sci-fi future city I envisioned in my youth.  It was exciting.  Even just riding the subway all day was entertaining.  It became normal after a few days but when we got to Kyoto I realized something:  Where else in the world would you be able to cover so much ground so quickly using public transportation?  It is absolutely incredible.

You could probably guess that Tokyo moves at a faster pace than Kyoto.  I found myself yesterday wishing we were still moving at a faster pace but then at night all the activity over the past few days caught up with us and we slept in until 9:00 today. 

I wanted to write a little more on the post, but I’m out of time.  Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will write an entry comparing geisha spotting to cruising on Prince William Sound.


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One Response to “Kyoto”

  1. pj Says:

    I think I see where you’re going with that – they often cruise in pods, and though they look very similar they can be identified by distinct markings.

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