Yoi oto shi o, Happy New Year, and greetings from Hiroshima!  Wow, what a long, awesome day.  We spent most of our time on Miyajima Island which is famous for a “floating” shrine and an abundant population of deer.  There’s much more to Miyajima though.  I’ll keep it a surprise until we can upload photos back in Noheji.

As is the case with everything in life, this trip has had some ups and downs.  We’ve seen some amazing places, but there were a couple of things we expected to see that didn’t pan out.  First, it turned out the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo was all booked.  Not a big deal though, we think we’ll have time later in January to go.   Also, although we were able to take pictures from the outside, Nijo and Himeji Castles were both closed for the holidays.  This didn’t make us too sad because…wow…Himeji Castle is incredible.

At least for me, the biggest bummer hands down has to be the fact that the Hiroshima Peace Museum is closed for New Years.  I managed, however, to spot a book at a store by the station that documented events that happened that fateful day on August 6th, 1945.  I read it from cover to cover our first night at the hostel.

The book deals with immediate events through the eyes of some of the survivors as well as what happened in the months, years, and decades ahead.  I’m glad I read it.  Although it was painful it put me in the right state of mind as we walked through the Atomic Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Park.

There will be much more about the Bomb, the Dome, and the Park in a later post.

On a lighter note, Hiroshima is beautiful!  Wow, it is an amazing city.  Also, it turns out one of our friends from Aomori is here too so we’ll be meeting him for okonomiyaki (a Japanese dish served in a famous and unique style in Hiroshima).

In the evening we’ll be counting down the New Year.  For some reason NHK (a big TV/radio broadcasting company) is at the hostel tonight so there’s a good chance we will be on one of Japan’s national radio broadcasts.


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One Response to “Hiroshima/Miyajima”

  1. sarah austad Says:

    I’ll be anxious to hear more about Hiroshima….I bet it’s pretty powerful.

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