Hiroshima City


Hiroshima deserves a second entry because it is a fantastic city.  First, it’s absolutely beautiful.  A total of seven rivers flow through the city before emptying into the Pacific Ocean a few miles outside of the city limits.  There’s also a great shopping district and underground mall.  On top of all that, the food is delicious.

Exhibit A:  Okonomiyaki.

Patrick's dinner.

Okonomiyaki is sort of like a cross between a pancake an an omelet.  Hiroshima is famous for creating these delicious treats in layers — adding generous portions of cabbage and your choice of either soba or udon noodles.  Whereas okonomiyaki any place else is heavy and dense, the Hiroshima style is light and easy to eat despite its initially overwhelming serving portion.

Patrick picked the udon noodles pictured above. Julie and I went with soba.

Pictures of Hiroshima’s beauty:

Our last night in Hiroshima happened to be New Year’s Eve.  We met up with one of our friends from Aomori who also happened to be in the area.  In the evening we went to dinner in the park outside of Hiroshima Castle where street vendors were preparing food the the big countdown a few hours later.

Yakitori, yakisoba, or corn dogs? How about all three?

Hiroshima Castle

Thus concludes 2008 in Japan.


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