Our Tour of Japan Winter 2008


As promised, we have organized all the posts in the least overwhelming way possible.  Just click on the entries below to read.

Please take your time.  We’ll leave the blog untouched for about a week so feel free to read and look at pictures whenever you find time in your busy schedule.  In about seven days or so we will resume with two new posts:  instant ramen and Go on the Nintendo DS Julie gave me for Christmas.

Blog entries with pictures:

Blog entries written on the road (no pictures):

Hundreds of Pictures:


2 Responses to “Our Tour of Japan Winter 2008”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Wow. Your trip looked so fun! I really liked your ‘land of the rising sun’ picture. That’s a great shot! And I’m sorry I never got to meet your friend. : ( I hope he enjoyed his stay! And happy new year~! Hope to see you some time soon.

  2. Looking Ahead « Pacificloons Says:

    […] Also, Julie and I will be leaving for a week long vacation to South Korea on Sunday with three of our friends.  We’ll try and give a few updates on here while we’re there and then make larger, more informative posts with pictures once we return (just like we did before). […]

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