Instant Ramen


A coworker at one of my schools shared a food item with me a few weeks ago that combines five of my favorite things in life:

  1. Ramen Noodles
  2. Curry
  3. Miso
  4. Butter
  5. Convenience

Yes, the quest for the best instant ramen in Japan is officially over.  Look back at the photo on the top of the post and notice that it comes with four packets of goodies.  For best results:

First add the curry and dehydrated onions and meat.

After you add the hot water, take that packet of miso and seal up the cover. This will keep the steam in and heat up that miso too so it's easier to pour out of the packet.

Finally add the butter. Yes, butter. Butter that comes with all the other stuff you saw. And yes, this is an unusual ingredient. Butter ramen is unique to Aomori prefecture.

Can you see the steam?

The best part is the buttery, hearty broth you get to slurp when you’re done with the noodles.   Delicious.


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4 Responses to “Instant Ramen”

  1. adventureben Says:

    I had a dream I was eating this exact brand of ramen. When I woke up, my brain even told me for about ten seconds that there was a big ol’ pot of it in my kitchen simply waiting to be nommed up. I was sad when reality struck me.
    Maybe my supermarket has this kind of ramen, but I’m not sure if the butter deal is Aomori only.
    By the way, how does the butter keep from melting? Do you have to get it in the chilled foods section?

  2. pacificloons Says:

    You might be right about the butter being other places. I think it’s one of those culinary trademarks of the prefecture that you can actually find elsewhere. Perhaps Aomori is where the practice originated, I don’t know.

    The butter is dehydrated, probably freeze dried, and therefore doesn’t melt until you drop into the steamy, savory miso curry broth. If your supermarket has it, it’ll be in the regular, non-frozen instant ramen aisle.

  3. linepainter Says:

    I think butter ramen is from Hokkaido – their corn butter ramen is pretty famous and Hokkaido is a center of dairy production.

    (hi! saw your blog while looking for pics of Hakkoda)

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