I mentioned in an earlier post that our mobile phones have infrared sensors capable of reading barcodes.  At the time I wrote it I had only read about the implementation of this feature in cities.  Since then, I have noticed barcodes designed to be scanned by cell phones just about everywhere.

Want to learn more information than the flyer at the convenient store can provide?  Get out your cell phone and scan the square barcode.

Want to save the statistics to your favorite arcade game?  Once it’s game over, scan the ‘code.

Need more information about that bottle of juice you’re thinking about buying?  You get the idea.

But all this is old news.  What’s new in cell phone barcode scanning these days?  Tombstones.  Yes, apparently people have started to put barcodes on their tombstones in Japan.  The idea is that family members can scan the code and have access to pictures and other information about their relative who passed away.

This raises all sorts of interesting questions about how we will remember the deceased in the future.  When I die will I have a full-length biographical movie stored on a memory card instead of a pithy statement on a marble tombstone?  Will we perform interviews ahead of time for such a movie?  Who will be granted access to this information?

Your thoughts are welcome in the comments section.


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