Ice Skating and Science


Sunday’s original plan was to go skiing if the weather was decent.  It ended up snowing in Noheji that day but it in the early afternoon it was too warm to stick to the ground.  Since warmer temperatures earlier in the week had already dwindled an already below-average accumulation of snow, we decided to head to the city of Misawa for entertainment with two of our friends.

After a refreshing and delicious lunch buffet at an Indian restaurant, we went ice skating.



Against all odds, none of us fell.

Once we felt we had taken enough laps around the rink we went out in search of an aviation and science museum.  The science wing of the museum was the highlight of the visit.  We spent a good two hours playing around with enormous toys that also teach you a thing or two about electromagnetism, helicopter physics, and thermodynamics.

My personal favorite was the moonwalk simulator where one of the employees straps you in a chair connected to a complicated rigging of pipes.  As you jump and walk around, the contraption simulates the moon’s gravity.  It was fantastic.

They also had a full-scale flight simulator.  My friend Bryan and I managed to successfully land a small plane at Narita International Airport in Tokyo.    No passengers were injured in the bumpy landing.

The museum also houses a replica of an airplane that made the first nonstop trans-oceanic flight across the Pacific.  The plane, the Lady Veedol, took off from Misawa with two men aboard and landed in Wenatchee, Washington.  Today the two cities continue to embrace a warm, friendly connection based around the historic flight as well as an admiration for the cultivation and consumption of apples.


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