Cafe R


In July of last summer, we had a chance to ask our JET predecessor important questions about the town where we would soon be living.  One of the first important questions we asked was, “Where’s the best place to eat?”

His answer was Cafe R, which turned out to be a delightful little Italian restaurant and coffee shop.  The menu includes inventive pizzas, light pastas, salads, and a variety of drinks and desserts.

Here’s a closer look at our favorite dishes:

Scallop, bacon, and basil pizza:

Asparagus, bacon pasta with tomato sauce:

Green salad:

and my personal favorite dessert: カフェコンアイス

Vanilla ice cream with an espresso shot.

Although we still haven’t discovered all of the restaurants that Noheji has to offer, thus far we can easily say that Cafe R is the one that we choose to frequent the most.

Part of what makes it so charming is that the owner, a younger woman, is usually the only one working, although she does have an assistant during the busy hours of the busy days.  The whole place is barely the size of a normal sized living room, including the kitchen (visible from the tables) and small bathroom.  There are a total of 14 chairs for 2 1/2 tables and a small bar.

Clean Plate Club

Click here to see a few more photos of our evening.


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2 Responses to “Cafe R”

  1. Mom in AK Says:

    Looks very tasty! ….but how do the locals pronounce “Cafe R”?

  2. bcline909 Says:

    These pictures bear a striking resemblance to Club Q. Perhaps you have misnamed your post…

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