Skit and Karaoke


After a quiet Saturday, Taylor and I finished off the weekend last weekend with an exciting schedule of events on Sunday.

We carpooled with friends to our destination, Towada, to support our fellow ALTs in a short skit based around a traditional Japanese folktale.  They had been practicing for weeks, and there was a slight catch that made the skit especially difficult:  They had to perform in Japanese!

The tale goes that an old man with a growth on his face ventures out and spends the night in a shrine.  Oni (demon gods) arrive at the scene and begin to dance.  The old man joins in the festivities, the oni remove his growth, and he returns home with a handsome face.  A different old man with the same problem heard about how the man was cured and seeks the oni himself.  Unfortunately the oni think he is the original old man and return the growth they had temporarily removed.  Deeply depressed, the man then walks back to the village, with two growths on his face.  The end.

All of our friends did a really great job and really hyped up the dancing with a modern twist.

The fun didn’t stop there.  In the evening we went out to karaoke with some coworkers and their families.  We ate pizza and pasta and sang some tunes with their six children (including three kids under the age of five).


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