Hirosaki City


Over the weekend we decided to visit some friends in Hirosaki City who we haven’t seen in a long time.  After some fine kaiten sushi we visited  the local Game Souke where one can find used video games, dirt cheap retro video games, musical instruments, clothes, toys, fishing poles, cds, books, dvds, and various treasures in the general items section.

A taste of Game Souke. As you can see they also sell trading cards and small plastic figurines.

Our friends then suggested we tour a local cultural center across the street from the park.  We took their advice and snapped some photos while we were there.  These first few pictures showcase nebuta floats for a popular summer festival.

We also had an opportunity to play a shamisen, which is basically a Japanese banjo.  Our instructor played a few songs for us as well.  He was fantastic.

And finally, our last stop at the center was a small zen garden home to some koi that we decided to feed.  It turns out they get excited about eating.


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2 Responses to “Hirosaki City”

  1. Pharri5 Says:

    That fish shot is the best!

  2. paul silveira Says:

    Sandy says she needs one of those funny banjo’s bad.

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