Solicitors Welcome


People solicit our office at school for business on a daily basis.  In a culture where teachers are sometimes expected to put in eleven hour shifts and commute an hour each way to work, these solicitors aren’t an annoyance, they’re a convenience.

Every Monday and Friday a woman comes to sell healthy drinks to the staff.  Most customers select a yogurt-like beverage that helps calm the stomach and aid digestion.  I pass on these days to save money for Thursdays — when a representative from a local bakery comes to peddle Japanese pastries.  I refer to this day as pan no hi (day of bread) with my colleagues.

Other solicitors come more sporadically.  They include people who sell textbooks, novels, travel deals (mostly for student field trips), bank deals, and even a few people who let us know what we can expect to see on television this month.  One day in the winter a man came by to sell ties.  When I first saw the ties I wasn’t very interested but after some persuasion from my vice-principal and noticing they were dirt cheap, I bought one with pink ducks.


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