Seoul to Busan (Days 2, 3, and 4)


We’ve landed in a cozy guesthouse in Busan; a city on the southeastern edge of South Korea.  Busan is a little more relaxed and scenic than Seoul.  The air is also fresher and there’s more space to breathe.  Still the transition from Seoul to Busan wasn’t quite as dramatic as Tokyo to Kyoto experience we had earlier this winter.

During those two days in Seoul we went to many markets and shopping districts.  We also met up with a friend of one of the members in our group.  Our evening together conversing over a fiery chicken dinner was probably the highlight of our time in Seoul so far (although a culinary comedy theatrical production featuring knife percussion and custodial martial arts comes in a close seond).

Speaking of food, we’ve eaten kimchi at just about every meal, including breakfast.  We even went to a kimchi museum where we learned about the history and nutritional value of Korea’s most famous side dish.  More on this later.

After spending about half a week here it’s become apparent that the people of Korea are a little less formal than folks in Japan.  There’s a little more chatter on trains, for instance.  People also seem to be more proactive about helping us out when we’re struggling with directions and language issues.  Today one employee took my money at a train station when I was having a hard time with the ticket machine and bought the tickets for me.  He then joked around with me as he handed back the change.  It’s very hard imagining this happening in Japan.  In our travels, people have been very helpful there too, but you have to ask for it.  Which is fine, too.   

Busan is awesome.  We had a crazy experience at dinner at a fish market that we’ll write about later when we can post pictures.  I don’t want to give away the surprise.  We’re going to stay here again tomorrow before returning to Seoul for a trip to the DMZ on Saturday.   On Sunday we’ll return to Aomori.


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3 Responses to “Seoul to Busan (Days 2, 3, and 4)”

  1. Library Lady Says:

    Super glad you get to experience Korea, and looking forward to photos and surprises to come! Happy travels.

  2. Courtney Says:

    I’m so envious. 😦

  3. Trip to Korea Spring 2009 « Pacificloons Says:

    […] Busan […]

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