Well, we’re back.  Kim Jong-ill was nice enough to not fire his toy rocket at our plane as we flew over Tohoku yesterday afternoon.  Everybody in our party is back to work, safe and sound.

Sorry we didn’t post more updates while traveling.  There were two main reasons for this:  Julie and I came down with minor cases of food poisoning.  Also, the second hostel where we stayed in Seoul had an older computer that didn’t like Wordpess very much.

Anyway, we’ll be sure to make it up to you.  As I type, we have 199 photos uploaded onto Flickr that you can peruse.  In a day or so we’ll have some more detailed posts on this blog which will feature the aforementioned photographs as well as some videos that I will upload on Flickr tonight at home.

Stay tuned.


5 Responses to “Return”

  1. scalesoflibra Says:

    Hello there!

    This isn’t a comment on this post, but since you were kind enough to answer some questions I had about JET I wanted to let you know that I’ve made the short list! ^_^ I certainly feel that your answers helped me go into the interview that much more knowledgeable.

    Now I’m just a bit worried about the short time frame they give for getting a physical!

    • pacificloons Says:

      that’s wonderful news! congratulations. you must be pretty qualified to make it on the short list. I heard it’s more tough to get in this year. if you requested a placement I hope you get it. 🙂

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  3. Yumiko Tateyama Says:

    Hi, I think you’re having good time in new school year. Your travel to Korea is great, I think, excepy food poisoning. But I’ m relieved that you and Jullie-san is OK.
    How about Noheji H.S.this year? I feel I miss there.
    I did first lessons for 1 nensei yesterday. And they are cute and kind. Katie-sensei is great, too. I’m impresssed. She is very very active.

    • pacificloons Says:

      Hello! We miss you at Noheji too, but I’m glad you seem to have such good students and an awesome ALT. Will you get your car soon? Tomorrow is Easter. Julie and I are going to a church service about one block away from our apartment. Are the cherry blossoms going to bloom soon in Hirosaki? We’re so excited for that.

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