Virtual Tour *update*


We finally got our apartment clean enough to give you a virtual tour.  We posted some pictures earlier, but that was before we had most of our furniture.


Julie put together a wonderfully detailed floor plan in case you get lost in the maze of pictures.


View of the entryway as you walk in from the front door.

Entryway decoration created by Julie.

Bedroom seen from entryway hallway.

First right turn in the entryway hallway.

Second right turn: our "office."


Looking back down the hallway towards the front door.

Looking ahead in the entryway hallway towards the dining room.

Wash room: clothes washer and sink. The glass door on the right leads to the shower/bathtub room. To get to this room you take your first right and then a left from the front door.

Shower and bathtub.

Living room seen from door to hallway.

Looking towards the kitchen from the living room floor. We see the apartment from this perspective when we sit in the chairs pictured above (which is often).


Stove and fish broiler.

Living area seen from kitchen. The door Julie is closing is one of three panels we can use to partition the living room during winter and trap in heat.

The full Flickr set can be found here.



One Response to “Virtual Tour *update*”

  1. kotonii Says:

    I’m envious of your bed! It looks so comfortable.

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