While browsing the interweb for campsites around the Shimokita Peninsula, I came across a blog of another JET in the area.  On his blog he had created a map pinpointing Protestant churches around Aomori-ken.  I was surprised to see a pin pointing to Noheji, since we thought the Catholic church on old main street was the only Christian church in town.  As it turns out, there is a small United Church of Christ on the next street over from where we live in Noheji.

Just in time for Easter!

We sat next to a lady who we had met before and listened to the sermon, which was all in Japanese.  We probably knew about 5% of the words and were able to get 20% of the gist of the whole sermon, but we were at least 95% sure that they were as glad to have us there as we were to discover the church and attend their Easter service.

We were told the day before that there would be a lunch after the service.  We didn’t expect a teishoku style lunch with rice, 2 small salads, sweet stewed apples, and a traditional soup.  We brought guacamole and chips, knowing it would be something fun and new for a Japanese palette to try.  At first they cautiously passed it around and tasted it, each person taking one chip with dip.  By the end of our time there, the group consensus was that it was delicious and one lady ended up asking if she could bring the rest of it home for her husband to try.

Our Easter festivities didn’t end at the guacamole.  We met up with a teacher that I work with, one of her old students, and one of her current student’s mothers to decorate Easter eggs!  Here’s how they turned out:


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