Golden Week Preview


Next week marks the beginning of Golden Week — a string of three consecutive national holidays starting on Monday.  It’s probably the busiest time of the year for traveling in Japan.  Thus it’s also the most expensive.  Julie and I wanted to take advantage of our time off without paying an arm and a leg so we decided to go camping over the weekend in nearby Shimokita Peninsula.  Look for a blog post or two about it next week.

Anyway, today (Wednesday), was also a national holiday.  We made the most of it by going to Aomori City, where I found some good previously owned shell and slate Go stones and wooden bowls.  Upon returning to Noheji we did some good old fashioned birding down by the river.  Lots of herons today.  We took pictures.


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One Response to “Golden Week Preview”

  1. sarah austad Says:

    Great pictures. I’ve never heard of a country with so many national holidays. Thanks for calling Grandma. Even though you didn’t talk with her, she was touched by your call.

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