Shimokita Peninsula Day 2: Wakinosawa, Hotokega-ura, and Oma


On day 2 we set out at the crack of dawn (5:00 AM) to look for the world’s Northern-most monkeys.  These are of course the near legendary snow monkeys of Japan.  The ones in this region don’t take baths in hot springs though.  Those are found exclusively in Nagano Prefecture which is Southwest of Aomori.

We first went to a park named Wakinosawa where we disappointingly saw monkeys living in captivity.

Not so wild.

We left the park and drove to Hotokega-ura (a coastline along Shimokita’s Northern tip).  Along the way we found monkeys in a much more natural setting. We had heard about a shortage of food for the monkeys in the mountains so we were happy to see a couple who seemed to be doing alright for themselves.

Eventually we reached Hotokega-ura and it was awesome.  Since the coastline gets battered so heavily in winter, the cliffs and surrounding rock structures have eroded into some very interesting shapes.

Last, but certainly not least, we went to the town of Oma.  Oma is the Northern tip of the main island of Honshu.  Aside from being able to see the Northern island of Hokkaido on a sunny day, Oma is also home to some of the best tuna in the world.  As you can imagine, it’s also expensive.  We’ve been told that landing a single tuna in Oma and selling it will get you enough money to make a down payment on a house.  For lunch we decided to try a sample and see what all the fuss was about.

Julie pointing to our location on a map of Japan in Oma.



Even with such an action packed day, we were able to make it back to Noheji in the afternoon on account of our early start.  I’m feeling better.  The fever is gone but the cold is far from over.  Thankfully we have three more days off before we have to go back to work again.  By then I should be fully recovered.


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