Weekend Update


Overall, we had a nice, low key weekend.  Julie and I brought some green tea and homemade chocolate chip cookies to Go Club on Saturday.  It was also a tournament day so we took pictures in between matches.  I returned to the club Sunday afternoon.  I usually don’t go two days in a row but since it had been so two weeks since my last visit I decided it would probably be a good idea to get in some extra practice.  It worked.  On Sunday I made noticeable improvement even if I still found myself making some very embarrassing mistakes.

I’ve been playing 1 kyu player a lot lately.  Like most of the players in the club he is given the maximum handicap when we play (I get 9 stones on the board to start the game).  Our games have become closer and I even managed to pull off a victory on Sunday.  If I can keep this up and drop the handicap to 8 stones, that’ll mean I’ve entered the single digit kyu rank and achieved a huge personal goal.

Anyway, aside from Go we mostly had a relaxing weekend that included watching movies and a bit of spring cleaning.  We also found time to Skype with our family which was very lovely.

Looking ahead to the next few weeks, we’ll be busy.  Both Julie and I need to pick up official Japanese driver’s licenses since our international permits expire in August.  We’ll also be recording listening tests for the Aomori Prefecture Board of Education in a few weeks.  Additionally, our two year anniversary is right around the corner.  We’ll be going on a short, fun weekend trip but I need to keep the location secret for now.


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4 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Club Q Clubber Says:

    Are you worried Shichinohean hooligans will crash your party?

    • pacificloons Says:

      Ha! No, Julie just likes surprises is all.

      Speaking of crashing parties, we’re thinking about having a movie night in Noheji on Saturday. Feel free to join us.

  2. Yumiko T. Says:

    Good luck for your driver’s test and recording listening test.

    This month I have many seminars for new teachers. They are hard, but I can learn many things.

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