Hotate Ice Cream



I think we’ve written before that one of the first words we learned upon arriving to Aomori-ken was “hotate” (scallop).  On our first drive to Noheji we saw signs for them everywhere and it wasn’t long before we had them in a meal.  Since then we’ve had scallops just every way imaginable (raw, pizza, bbq, ramen, etc).  Last week we tried hotate ice cream.

How did it taste?  Well, it was edible.  In fact, if you didn’t know it was infused with scallops you might think it was some sort of exotic caramel flavor.  It was sweet with a hint of the ocean in the aftertaste.  Good, but not great.  I wouldn’t want to try it again although Julie seemed to like it more than me.

Anyway, we’ve been busy but it looks like we’ll have time over the next few days to tell you what we’ve been doing.  Look for new posts in the days to come.


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One Response to “Hotate Ice Cream”

  1. Julie Says:

    I thought the flavor was delightful! What’s not to like about an exotic caramel flavor derived from scallops? Yum, yum!

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