Sado and Ikebana


We’ve mentioned before that Julie has been taking ikebana (flower arranging, also known as kado) and sado (tea ceremony, also known as chado) classes at an agricultural college about once a month.  This month the college had its first classes of the new school year and I was invited to attend the first sessions along with Julie.  I was thankful the classes were introductory since I don’t possess the necessary skills (or patience) to perform ikebana and sado correctly.  Instead I got to hang out, learn about Japanese culture, and drink some really amazing green tea.

Before drinking tea you first eat something very sweet because a) it's delicious and b) it helps prepare your palette for the bitter, frothy green tea.


We drank out of some beautiful cups. It's actually very polite to look at the cup after you've had your tea and admire the design. This act is so important that it's considered part of the ceremony itself.

Someone who knows what they're doing.

I tried. I really did. Then the teacher came over and fixed everything.

Julie keeping busy while I monopolize the teacher's time.


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One Response to “Sado and Ikebana”

  1. sarah austad Says:

    Nice job, Julie. I’m anxious for you to arrange some flowers from our garden when you’re here next time. You are talented. I can see Taylor gets his flower arranging talent from me….non existent. Take care. As you can tell, I’m subbing today so have access to a computer.

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