Weekend Update


This weekend we seemed to find the right combination of relaxation and activity.  We found time for friends, Go, cleaning, Skyping with family, and even watched a little TV on Sunday afternoon.  The highlight, however, was meeting an unexpected visitor.

On Friday the pastor from a church we’ve been going to (about a block away from our house) rode his bike over to our apartment and said there was a visitor at the church who had been riding her bike around Japan.  He went on to say that her name is Astrid, she came all the way from England, and that if we wanted to meet her we could come down the church and visit.  So we did!

Astrid has been riding her bike around the world for a little over a year and two months.  She told us about her travels, emphasizing the warm hospitality she’s received just about everywhere along the way.  Her next destination is Hokkaido, Japan’s Northernmost island.  After that it’s off to Alaska (!) and Western Canada.  As you can imagine, we talked at length about Alaska (where we grew up) and the pros and cons of the Alaska-Canada Highway.

After visiting for a little bit, we introduced Astrid to the wonderful world of kaiten sushi.  We dropped her off at the church shortly afterwards but invited her over for breakfast the next morning.  On Saturday Julie and I cooked up some pancakes and bacon that we washed down with orange juice and coffee.  Then Julie went with her back to the church where the pastor and his wife helped them plan Astrid’s route to Aomori City.  They also pointed out hotels along the way so she wouldn’t have to camp in the rain.

Astrid’s visit was unexpected, refreshing, and inspiring.  It was an honor to meet such a spirited individual and we wish her well.  If you’re reading this Astrid, ganbatte kudasai!

If you’d like to read more about Astrid’s adventure, please check out her website.


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