Culture Festival


This weekend my school held their annual culture festival all day on Saturday and Sunday.  Ordinarily I might complain about working on the weekend, but when your only major responsibilities include judging a karaoke contest and talking with students and teachers in the hallway, I’d say it hardly qualifies at work.

In fact, we had a blast.  The past few days have been packed with karaoke, fried food, jaw-dropping dance routines, weird skits, garage bands, fashion shows, club displays, drama club performances, funny speeches, and even a haunted classroom.

I wish I could post pictures and videos of the events, but out of respect for the privacy of my students I can’t.  Intead, here are some photos that are in no way reflective of the culture festival, but I hope you find them interesting nevertheless.

My new favorite pencil. I used this for karaoke judging.

Flowers on the walk to and from work.

Our students are now on summer vacation but we have to continue going to the office for work days along with the rest of the teachers we work with.  It’s ok though.  We have more than enough to keep ourselves busy.  For instance I’ll be running a few activities at a summer English camp in a couple of weeks.  Julie and I also have listening tests to write, lesson plans to create, and a friend from the States will be visiting us at the end of this week.  We’re also hoping that we’ll find more time at work to study Japanese and converse with our coworkers who will be slightly less busy than usual.


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