Aomori Nebuta


Last year Julie and I arrived in Aomori in time for the last day of Nebuta.  We wrote about it here.  This year, we were actually able to participate.  Our friend Britni, visiting us from the States, was able to join us as well.

Before I post more pictures, here’s a little more background information.  Nebuta is a summer festival held in Aomori Prefecture every year.  There are various Nebuta festivals and parades but the most famous is held in Aomori City during the first week of August.  Basically, every night a parade rolls through town with floats of warriors made entirely out of paper.  Participants wear traditional costumes, dance, yell, and play music.

Our group was part of the section that jumped up and down and yelled “Ra-say ra, ra-say ra, ra-say ra-say ra-say RA!”  It’s sort of a nonsensical phrase.  The purpose of chanting it, along with the dancing, is to wake people up from their summer sleepiness.

I’ll post videos of both Aomori Nebuta and Tachinebuta in Goshogawara tomorrow.



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