Gone Fishin’


As you may recall, my friend Bryan and I went hunting in June.  By “hunting” I mean stumbling around in the woods in the morning looking for animals with no intention of harming them.  A few weeks back we decided we should also go fishing.  But it was agreed that needed to make our equipment.

After going on a few reconnaissance missions to our local river, I discovered that the preferred way to fish involved using a telescopic rod without a reel to catch the tiny, inch long fish swimming up and downstream.  Instead of buying a fancy telescopic rod, we purchased bamboo poles about fifteen feet in length and duct taped fishing line on at the end.  For bait we used some flies and mosquitoes that died in our stairwell the night before.

Although we didn’t catch any fish, and some ants carried off most of our bait while we weren’t looking, it was a huge success.  Highlights included spotting a river crab (!), locating a small school of fish just out of reach of our gear, snagging a newspaper and possibly some sort of worm-like creature, identifying birds, and enjoying what might have been the best weather we’ve had all summer.

Bryan snagged an unidentified decomposing invertebrate.

Snagged some twigs. Earlier I caught newspaper.

Julie trying to coax a crab out of hiding.

More photos here.  We’re planning on going fishing again in the fall when the local trout return to Noheji River.


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3 Responses to “Gone Fishin’”

  1. Bryan Says:

    I shoudl have eaten the invertebrate.

  2. sarah austad Says:

    Believe it or not, your dear mother has also fished with a bamboo pole. I love to fish. Unfortunately, no one asks me to go.

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