Last Days of Summer


Actually, summer is over.  Typhoon season is officially in session and fall is right around the corner.  However, we still had some fantastic summery weather this weekend.  To celebrate the last bit of summer, as well as some birthdays, an ALT gathering was held at a beach on the outskirts of Hachinohe this weekend.

Hardcore fishing. At one point this guy had three rods going at once.

Those two pictures were obviously taken with my cell phone. I wish I’d have taken my camera with me because the light was just about perfect in the late afternoon.

As for the event itself, it was an awesome time. There was a healthy mix of conversation, swimming, frisbee, football, and barbecue.  I was able to meet a bunch of new ALTs in our area and catch up with some not-so-new people who I hadn’t seen in a while as well. The new crew is a pretty solid bunch.

In what was probably the most surreal moment on the weekend, one of the (awesome) new ALTs told me that I looked familiar.  Then he realized he had seen pictures of me on our blog before his arrival to Japan.  He’d Googled for Hachinohe blogs and stumbled upon our entry about the concert and unexpected springtime blizzard amidst cherry blossoms.  I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised as we purposely tag entries so people can find them, but I was.  It’s a small world I guess.  Or maybe just a small Aomori-ken blogosphere.

Anyway, we may have a few more entries in the works later in the week.  Julie wants to write up an entry or two about her trip to Tokyo and Kyoto with our friend Britni.  There may also be an entry about omnikin ball and I’m debating about whether or not I want to type something up about the recent election here in Japan.  We’ll see.



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