Summer Break, Britni’s visit: Aomori


My good friend since college, Britni, was able to visit us in Japan from July 31st – August 17th. For the first part of her trip, she was able to observe our daily lives in Aomori, experience a few festivals, and get a feel for the community of Noheji.

During this time, I hosted an “English party” for the students of a private English teacher in town. Britni was the guest of honor.

That afternoon we visited Asamushi Aquarium, about a 30 minute drive from Noheji.

We geared up for the Aomori Nebuta festival. Nothing cures jet-lag like jumping up and down in the streets for 2 hours straight.

After spending a day with me at my office and trying out yoga the next evening, we set off to conquer our next festival: Goshogawara Tachi Neputa.

We were able to join in with the dancing portion of the parade for a bit.

That weekend my tea ceremony teacher, Toriyama-sensei, provided a ceremony for Britni, me, and a Misaki-san, a friend from the college where I teach from time to time. It was so beautiful and relaxing.

Toriyama-sensei has been my Chado (tea ceremony) teacher for the past year. Such a wonderful woman!

Usually the guests and host sits on the floor during a tea ceremony, but she set up tables and chairs for us sense our knees aren't used to that kind of stress. Thank you!

On our last day for the Aomori part of her visit, Britni met the pastor at our church down the hill and afterwards Misaki-san acted as a tour guide to show us Hirosaki City. We enjoyed a stroll through the Hirosaki castle grounds, and later a tour of the Hirosaki Neputa showcase building.

Hirosaki Castle, Julie, Britni, and Misaki-san

Hirosaki Nebuta Museum

Playing with traditional Japanese toys at the Hirosaki Nebuta Museum.

The next day we would be traveling to Kyoto.


One Response to “Summer Break, Britni’s visit: Aomori”

  1. sarah a ustad Says:

    How wonderful that you have had some friends visit you! I enjoyed reading about all your adventures with them. Take care.

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