Summer Break, Britni’s visit: Kyoto

It took 7 hours to travel from Noheji to Kyoto by train.  Our $3 coffee (!) and novels made the time fly by quickly.  We left early enough to leave time to start exploring Kyoto on the day we arrived.

On the train

Kyoto City

Our first day, we managed to see Toji Temple, featuring the tallest pagoda in Japan, and the Fushimi Inari Shrine, featuring all of the bright orange Shinto gates framing a path through the mountainside.  We also managed to eat some yummy sushi and then bus to our hostel.


Fushimi Inari Shrine

Fushimi Inari Shrine

The next day, we rented bikes from the hostel; only $1 for the whole day!  We were delayed by a punctured tire, but still managed to visit Ryoanji (rock garden), Kinkakuji (aka the Golden Pavillion), Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kyoto National Museum, and the Kiyomizu (pure water) temple.  Whew!  This was my favorite day of the whole trip, because of the bikes.  It was sooo hot, so the breeze felt really nice and we were making really good time (better than the busses we passed).



Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto National Museum

Kiyomisu "Pure Water" Temple

View from Kiyomisu

On our third and last day in Kyoto, we went to Arashiyama to visit a famous bridge and a monkey park.  So cute!

Togetsukyo Bridge

We took a train to Tokyo that afternoon.


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