Microwave Pie and Stove Top Nabe


Apple season in Aomori inspired me to make 3 apple pies in the past 2 weeks.  Here’s a look at my first attempt:



The second and third attempt didn’t stick around long enough for a photo shoot, as some students at a private English class promptly gobbled them up.

All three pies were baked in a microwave oven with only one heating element above the pie and none below.  The first pie crust I made using canola oil, which held together really well, but didn’t have much to offer as far as flavor.  I used butter to make the last two, which tasted better, but didn’t really form a crust.  The bottom of the pie melded into the apple innards.  Please send any pie crust recipes my way!

I tried a new miso fish dish with vegetables.  It was supposed to be cooked in a nabe pot, but I was able to use a covered fry pan on low heat to achieve the same effect.  Here’s a look:


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