Catching Up


Well, it’s the middle of November and Fall is heading out the door.  The temperature has dropped significantly.  I now wear a coat on my morning walk to school, but there’s still no ice so I can get a way with tennis shoes for at least another week.  Another sign of winter’s arrival:  The river I walk by every day is full of spawned out, black and white zombie salmon.  While we’ve been teaching and attending seminars they’ve been facing upstream, swimming just enough to stay in the same place.  It’s as if the river has become their treadmill for training for the afterlife.

We’ve been busy.  Fall is definitely the time of year where we have the most classes to teach.  There are also quite a few seminars to attend, most of which are helpful and/or awesome.  Just last week Julie and I went to the Misawa City to help some high schoolers get ready for an upcoming school trip to Hawaii.  The day was spent practicing English conversation and learning more about Hawaiian culture.  In addition to helping out with homestay simulations, shopping, and calling a hotel, we taught the students a little bit about the Hawaiian language.  It was a very fun day.

What’s on the horizon?  More work, more use of our heater, probably less driving around, and lots of warm drinks.  Oh, and a blog post about the Noheji Trampoline Club.


One Response to “Catching Up”

  1. sarah austad Says:

    Your blog today is a testimony to your writing ability. Salmon Zombies! Got a real kick out of this. I’ll be anxious to hear about the trampolines. Do they have a trampoline festival in Japan? Dad loved the salmon analogy…peace and love.

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